Eco-Fresh Natural Aroma Air Freshener

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Supply Ability:
10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Quick Details
Air Fresheners, natural mineral
Place of Origin:
Seoul, South Korea
Cosmetic Raw Materials, all purpose


Do you use a lot of air freshener?
A strong smell is not necessarily a good air freshener.

Do you use a lot of air freshener?          
A strong smell is not necessarily a good air freshener.          
If you have a headache or a stiff feeling, in use some of air freshener, that is 100% not good for health.          
How long you going to use poor health air freshener?          
A natural air freshener from eco-fresh 1st place deodorant company! Experience a new paradigm in air fresheners.          
Product details          
Product Name: Natural Aroma          
Ingredients: aromatic spices, etc.          
Material: natural ceramic balls, cork, glass,          
Capacity: 190g (solid + liquid)          
Size: 95mm * 65mm          
Manufacturer: JnK Science..Ltd          
Country of origin: Republic of Korea          
Uses of: living room, bedroom, kids room, closet, kitchen, indoor toilets, shoe rack, etc.          
Terms of Use: 2 ~ 3 months (depending on temperature and humidity, and a place there may be different)          
Must have item for beautiful and fragnant space!          
Simple, sleek design of the Eco-Fresh Natural aromatherapy air freshener aromatherapy fragrance is a luxurious and comfortable indoor air quality by emitting subdued while helping build a clean design, good for decoration or as gifts.          
Natural Aroma air freshener          
Packed with luxurious paper case, good for presents.          
Product description          
By applying the world's first natural Ceramic Ball can experience the far Infrared ray effects and anion effects.          
Used in cosmetics by using advanced natural scent is not irritating, high temperature and humidity by applying nanotechnology to the pore opens and closes the ceramic ball repeatedly, and always will radiate hydrates.          
Well-being air freshener help physically, mentally, psychologically by applying the the natural aromatherapy.          
Graceful and elegant design, built a solid glass case, so lets turn it up even displacement effect          
   Normal air freshener VS Eco-Fresh freshener       
Too strong scent and headache         Soft natural aromatic scent 
(Incense made with inexpensive chemicals)         (Incense made with expensive cosmetics material) 
Creates a bad smell by mixed  the odor         Not creates a bad smell by mixed  the odor 
Some incense is used for industrial         Achieve the Well-Being by negative ions and far infrared ray effect of natural ceramic ball. 
Aromatherapy is the aroma therapy.          
Do aromatherapy can be used widely for the mind and alleviate the tension caused by stress, respiratory disease, so prevention, skin, immune system disorders.          
Unlike typical chemical air fresheners,aroma create clear environment and fragrant by remove other odor source.          
Comfortable interior space that makes life enjoyable and lively.          
When your home or office use in a harmonious atmosphere and the effect can improve work efficiency.          
Using aromatherapy as a natural and synthetic materials to solve due to the loss of immunity, as well as helps cleanse pollutants from the body and soul.          
Prevent drowsiness, mental focus, relieve stress      headaches, bronchitis, relieve insomnia    
Bedrooms  Living  Kids rooms      
Kitchen  Wardrobe  WC      
How to use Eco-Fresh Natural Aroma          
Open cork lid in use          
Just place it dedending on applications          
The use of product terms may vary based on open, close the lid (a common age 3 months)