Eco-Fresh Cat Litter Deodorizer

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the loving companion to my house!
But, until body waste offensive odor it will be able to love?

Defending healthily, Eco-Fresh          
Eco-Fresh Shoes & Foot Deodorizer          
100% natural subject matter (Zeolite)          
It makes with zeolite where it is a natural mineral which authenticates U.S. Food and Drug Administration  FDA it is a product which is safe with the environmental product which it hits is harmless in the pet and the human body.          
The Eco-Fresh Shoes & Foot Deodorizer remove the offensive odor causal material which occurs from the pet body waste.          
The body waste of the pet threatens a indoor air.          
The ammonia which comes out from the urine or the feces of the pet, the mercaptan, the amine and the scatole gas is primary reason of offensive odor.          
Also research result of time it writes tenderly and no matter how quantity the ammonia it does but the possibility on the impression outside which is unpleasant is caused by with offensive odor of decreasing a many harm in the human body it is, but the cat litter of most does not remove an offensive odor.          
Capacity : 350g/1 bottle  
phytoncide Fragrances  
Customer satisfaction No. 1          
1. The chemical composition is not added 100% natural product!          
2. Is safe is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA medical treatment products the product! which          
3. From the national official recognition tentative agency about 80 effect and the function which kind test it accomplishes and excel security!          
4. Is comfortable and for the life which is healthy the commodity!          
The needs of Eco-fresh Cat litter deodorizer          
Already whole world-wide the pet is the companion of the human being.          
The recent people will not raise the pet with hobby and or fun not to be it will think it will boil and it is living together with the companion person of life.          
That much the part which the pet does with us together came to be many.          
But, the ammonia which occurs from the excretion water of the pet, skatole, thiol and amine etc. not only offensive odor the mortar in the human body adverse effect it is dangerous in the case environment which will let alone the body waste because of period.          
Damage of ammonia:          
To stimulate the eye, the skin and the mucous membrane severely and corrosion to enter be congested and to get up the cataract, the glaucoma and the burn, be serious and organize into the eye and,           
it will destroy and it will be able to become blind.           
It stimulates the suction at the time of nose mucous membrane, headache, being nauseous intoxication and, the vomit, cough and dyspnoea condition appears and it becomes the larynx it serves, the throat salt and bronchial convulsion,           
there is a possibility of getting up the lung edema.           
Skin contact at the time of erythema, burn, ache, side food and it serves the mortar.          
Like this there is a possibility with only ammonia gas one kind of being dangerous in the human body.                            
The body waste of the pet the management is important that much.          
Eco-Fresh Cat litter deodorizer is the product to solve like this problem point          
Excellent effect of Eco-Fresh cat litter deodorizer          

100% natural Zeolite.          
In 100% natural Zeolite, the perforation absorbs, absorbs an offensive odor and it removes a smell.          
Harmless to humans and animals is a safe product.          
fda ( Food and Drug Administration), EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency), USDA ( MAF) has passed safety tests and products do not harm human and animals.          
How to use Eco-Fresh cat litter deodorizer          
1. Clay Litter : Simply pour enough Eco-Fresh Cat Litter Deodorizer to completely cover the bottom of the litter pan before adding litter. Then add cat litter as usual.          
2. Scoopable Litter : Pour on top of cat litter and mix it well.          
3. To obtain the best results, remove odor sources and clean the surrounding area prior to treating  with Eco-Fresh Cat Litter Deodorizer.          
4.For added protection between litter changes, sprinkle on top of any litter (scoopable or clay) to prevent odor even longer.          
Harmless to humans and animals is a safe product.          
fda ( Food and Drug Administration), EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency), USDA ( MAF) has passed safety tests and products do not harm human and animals.