Eco-Fresh Humidifiers Antibacterial ball

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Eco-Fresh Humidifiers Antibacterial ball
Just immerse, humidifier bacterias are gone~

Humidifiers      Just immerse,   
Antibacterial ball      humidifier bacterias are gone~   
Humidifier bacteria, mold, slime removal at a time!         
Created with cutting-edge nanotechnology antibacterial * sterilizing ball!         
Sterilizing power 99%, safe to children also         
2 products per package     

Humidifier antibacterial ball, is the humidifier clean product, removes humidifier bacteria, mold, slime!         

100% natural mineral ingredients of cleaning ball are harmless to humans.         
Registered in the United States Food and Drug Administration FDA!         
No risk of existing chemicals with green prouduct         
Far infrared ray effects and anion effects from natural mineral ingredients         

Humidifier antibacterial ball apply the most advanced Nano Silver technology, sterilization was to maximize functionality.         

6 months of duration         
Sterlize all kinds of germ in water tank of humidifier, 6 months use 1 time immerse!         
Apply all type of humidifier!         
Humidifier   Humidifier natural way     Aquatic plants  

No more trouble with insert a disinfectant every time you change humidifier water!         
Eco-Fresh logo printed on it.         
Antibacterial ball sterilization principal.         

100% natural mineral powder mixed with colloidal nano-cilver at high temperature 1000 to sterilize in the water.         
Antibacterial ball to the water gushing from the anions in conjunction with the various bacteria in water to remove bacterial cells.         
sustainability and effectiveness of the nano coating technology antifungi will remain for a long time.         
Antibacterial ball of the negative ions and far infrared rays by the gushing water, activated by the preservation of humidifier humidification enables the effective and pleasant.         

Germs and water pollution     Metabolic interference    Combination of silver and oxygen (AgO2)
         Oxidation occurs
Fine silver (Ag) particles easily penetrate into the cell in the infiltrating cells, viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, enzymes and oxygen metabolism of the shutting down when needed to serve as a catalyst for the bacteria to die. In addition, the cells activated by colloidal silver helps to increase immunity.                  
Name: Eco-Fresh humidifier Antibacterial ball         
Ingredients: 100% natural minerals, nanosilver         
Net weight: 6g Packing Material: PP Type: Solid         
Duration: average of 3 months         
Manufacturer: Jnk Science..Ltd         
Made in Korea         
Test Reports         
Safe & reliable prpoduct, at least five kinds of tests passed.